Look what i made

Shawn Rosenblatt

I sewed my name on a hat! Hit me up if you want One. $20 (free shipping)

Kids Trap 6

Shawn Rosenblatt

I can’t lie… Kids Trap 7 is a lot better, but you gotta wait another month for it. So enjoy my newest album Kids Trap 6 with my friend Blake Rules

click the image to hear the album

click the image to hear the album


Shawn Rosenblatt

I recorded this album in high school with my ska band, The Argyles!!! I grew up outside of Philadelphia and started a band with a few kids I met in middle school Jazz band and we performed and recorded songs during high school and freshman year of college. Hope you enjoy this one!

Also peep the old website for the Argyles HERE

Clean Sheets (Music for the motion picture)

Shawn Rosenblatt

I recorded my second soundtrack for my friends at Capra Movie House movie called Clean Sheets. Peep the trailer here


the album will be on spotify and everywhere else on 1/11/19. Don’t forget I got you an album a week this year. Thanks for listening!!!


Also do yourself a favor and check out the first soundtrack I did to the stoner romcom movie Scrapers here

peep the trailer here

you can buy the movie for the low on amazon here


Kids Trap in 2019

Shawn Rosenblatt

Thanks for reading this. I am releasing a new album every week in 2019 on the internet. You can stream the albums on spotify, tidal, Apple, googleplay, even Napster I am currently sitting here with my friend Blake Rules recording Kids Trap 7 (a wholesome rap album for kids) we will be releasing a new kids trap album every month in 2019. Feel free to share our songs with everyone ya know. That’s how we get paid